The Pineapple Life

I have this hashtag on Instagram (@festivecanoe follow me 😉) that goes #livingthepineapplelife. I sometimes wonder if people wonder what it means and I want to explain it. To me, it means to live a life that is what you want and what you need. The best piece of advice I have ever gotten is, “do what’s best for you”. This is honestly how I have learned to live my life. Being a pineapple is part of that. Looking for the adventure, the excitement, and the mystery of this place we live  There are so many things to see and do it’s not worth living a life that is colorless in such a colorful world.

When I started this adventure that is now my life, it was very hard but let me tell you, completely worth it. I left Phoenix with my friend, Cleve, and embarked on a road trip of a lifetime. We spent our first night around Flagstaff and I got woken up by the heat. I had bundled myself well for the cold and as soon as the sun hit, I was dying. Then after that, the sheriff stopped by to make sure we hadn’t abandoned camp.

Well, after that we packed our stuff up and headed to find some coffee. We ended up in Flagstaff, where I got to send my first ever postcard. It was great. We headed up towards Canyonlands and spent a day wandering up there. Let me tell you, that place is absolutely beautiful.

So we camped again after we left and headed to Denver. Once we passed the Colorado State Line I was in love. Coming from the desert of Arizona into this oasis of lush green life and beauty was like waking up from a wonderful dream to find out that it’s actually a wonderful reality.

I had forgotten that there was so much beauty and that I could actually be a part of it. Don’t get me wrong, Arizona does have beauty but it is a unique beauty that only the desert can bring. And I am not a desert girl. I definitely have a preference for green vegetation. We camped for one more night and met Cleve’s cousin Alisa in Denver the next day for dinner. After that, Cleve went home and I stayed in Denver to continue my journey the next day.

First Picture in Colorado

View of Downtown Denver

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